"In 2017 the mayor of Nehvizdy showed me their local sports hall and I couldn’t believe my eyes. A small community not far from Prague had a facility that much bigger cities could only dream of. My first thought was that apart from training grounds, the place could also very well serve as a competition venue. After a few small events for local children an idea of an international senior meeting started to grow in my head. As a former athlete as well as event manager I’ve had experience with organizing sports events and also the necessary athlete’s point of view. On January 18, 2018, Nehvizdy held the first edition of an international athletics meeting with athletes of 18 nationalities from three continents. However, the main drive for organizing the competition was the desire of connecting races for as many children as possible and for handicapped athletes. A very keen feedback has proved to me that we had succeeded. I can proudly say that the international meeting Hvězdy v Nehvizdech (Stars in Nehvizdy), with second edition’s preparations being underway, is a dream come true."

Tomáš Vojtek, meeting director

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